I didn’t know I was pregnant

I didn’t sign up for this. I’m too young to be a parent! I did everything I could to prevent it yet I still…

Became a 15 year old mother.


No, I’m not actually pregnant, and I’m not actually a mother. But you might as well sign me up for Friday night yoga because I’m pretty sure I’ve got all of this mom stuff down. For a couple years now it’s like I was the mom in this house hold.

Im 15 years old and my mother has a chronic illness called trigimenal neuralgia. You haven’t heard of it? Wow, what a shocker, not! It’s basically unknown to almost the entire world, which is kinda sucky for my family because no one really knows what we go through. To give it a little background, it’s nicknamed “The Suicide Disease” and is almost always listed to be one of the top most painful illnesses ever. It’s kinda hard to explain how hard it really is without going into vivid detail, but I’ll save you those gory graphics. But just know that because of it,  my mom, at most times is rendered immobile and stuck in bed for days. There really isn’t much a mother can do strait from the bed. 

So with my father working to make the money to support my moms medical stuff and my large family, I’m basically left in charge of the entire house. Cooking, cleaning, bathing, and just making sure the place doesn’t go up in flames is basically all I ever do when I get home from school. Now I may sound like an absolute selfish pig to be complaining about doing this stuff when really I should be doing everything I can to help my mother, but it’s so hard. I’m 15, a freshman in high school, and thought it was smart to take all advanced classes. But now, I barley have time to do my homework. I’m up to my head in books and papers I need to read and write, and stressed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel when I Have to get off of my bus and come home.


Im ready for a normal life. A life where I don’t have to make dinner for my brothers and sisters every night. A life where my siblings go ask my mom for help before they come to me. A life where I can actually focus on me for just a single second so I can get my life together! Wow. Now I really sound selfish. Me me me, I I I, that all I ever write about isn’t it? Myself.


I would never ask for another mother, but a mother who could actually function would be amazing. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “I didn’t know I was pregnant”

  1. Hey. I’m sorry to hear that. And you aren’t selfish to wish for a life to yourself. *in Mom voice* Because you’re young and there’s plenty of things you need to experience that you can’t if you’re taking care of other people all the time.

    Sorry. Best wishes for you and your family, especially your mom.

  2. You are not in the least selfish. sweetie. You are incredibly brave and Unselfish. I admire you so much. I hope things get much better for you soon, and that YOUR dreams can come true.

  3. You don’t sound selfish at all to me. You are the one of the sweetest people I have ever seen on GoodnightJournal.com.

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