I have a dream

Actually i was writing the essay for my class now but i lost my concentration soon by a dream i have…

just imagine crying because of happiness..

just imagine that you wake up in the morning and realise all you have done before havent lost and there is a huge result just in front of you..in your heart..

just imagine u wake up and you surely know you have that dream in your hands and no one just no one will ever steal it..

just imagine that right this time you are the one who you used to dream to be…that you are the one better than any all…the best version of yourself ..

just imagine someday you will also cry out loud but these tears will be expression of happiness and your heart will beat faster than before ever…

and then i realize all and i still fear that firsly it maybe wont happen or even if it there will be another sad news which will equal these happiness and i’m afraid i wont be able to feel it wholly with my heart…

and finally… I still fear….


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