Journal Entry #12 (Hunger and Boredom)

Hello, I am a much more stable Missy today. But as usual, there’s always a problem with me. I am bored and hungry.

No one is online. I am starving.

There are various sweets. But I am unsure if they are for me. So I don’t touch anything. Soon I will just not care and eat them. I am really hungry. I miss all my chat buddies. I miss you too Blume. I hope you have a good day today. Because I am not so far. I am still hungry.

I think I will go eat some of the sweets right now.

There’s no rest for the bored and hungry, so I’ve gotta go.

2 thoughts on “Journal Entry #12 (Hunger and Boredom)”

  1. I like your little phrase at the end of your entries “there’s no rest for *something that had to do with entry* so I’ve gotta go” 10/10

  2. Lol thanks 🙂

    I saw a meme on my facebook that said “There’s no rest for the wicked so I’m up all night” or something like that. I decided to use that at the end of my entries cause I like how it sounds.

    Thanks again and I love reading your entries!

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