Everything seems filled with clouds.
The sky…
A friend..
My heart…

Things that in the past I can accept.
Things that in the past it is okay for me to deny.
Things that in the past I know what to do.
But now, when I reached the second time….

Why is that? I thought that what’s all in the past wont come back anymore.
That… what’s been avoided will always be avoided.
That… once I let my self part from it then it will be okay…
But why did I believe in all these things?

Now, it all came to me. The feelings that before I thought I lost backfired at me. In one single smile
In one hello
When he held me…
but why now?
Why does it hurt so much?
Why cant I avoid this feelings like I did in the past?
Why cant I be okay?
Why cant I believe in these things anymore?


It hurts.


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