May 30th/31st

Another uneventful day slips out of view.  My fiance and I didn’t get out of bed until half-past nine, where I then got in the shower.  We watched some television, and I cleaned up the kitchen a bit.  We decided to go grocery shopping, seeing as we had very little in the way of food stuffs in the house.  We got canned vegetables, drinks, milk, butter, bread- just staples, really.  Enough to get us through another paycheck.  We came home, ate, and then my fiance left for work.  The overtime is nice on paper, but I’m so sick of not having any time together.

I’ve sat here since then, watching educational television, cuddling with the cats, or reading.  I spoke with Ma today, too.  I’m still very sick with pneumonia, so I was trying to take things easy.  And then, just now, my fiance calls to tell me that we won’t be getting our 2-day-weekend together.  We had planned to have a cookout with my family back home then, but now I’m going to have to cancel.  I’m not happy about it.  It turns out that, while my fiance’s boss is a very nice man, he’s scattered brained and is constantly flubbing up work schedules.  This week alone, he’s made schedules where no active manager was on company property, meaning my fiance had to fill in last minute.  And though we were promised the weekend, the boss man also forgot that he already gave literally every other manager (there’s 7 or 8 of them, at the very least) the weekend off, and he himself won’t be in town, either.  Leaving it all for my fiance to take care of.  This sort of thing happens all the time- it’s been 9 whole days since we’ve had a day off. I’m getting upset.  This sort of goofy incompetence was endearing the first or fifth time, maybe, but it’s getting old.  I’m not so sure how hard it is to not schedule literally all but one of your managers to have a vacation at the same time, but it can’t be that hard.  Or how hard it must be to honor a prior commitment you made to one of your hardest working, and least appreciated employees.

I sure am a little upset about all this.  I’m frustrated.  Extremely frustrated.  I’ve got nearly everything ready for this cookout, I’ve been missing my family terribly, and I miss my fiance.  We were promised the next two weekends off in a row to compensate, but I don’t see it happening.  See, the policy of this place is two weeks of the month, you get a split schedule, meaning that your two days off are separated by one or more days.  One week, you get the weekend off, both Saturday and Sunday.  And the remaining week, you get two days off back-to-back, but they have to be weekdays.  This way, everyone has a fair schedule.  But as it stands, we hardly ever get two days off back-to-back anymore, and we almost never get a weekend.  I can just see this being promised to us, like it has been in the past, and then another “scheduling issue,” comes up where my fiance has to work through them both.  I just know this is another empty promise of a favor.  In fact, this weekend was promised to us as a favor, for covering a dozen times before.

I’m not feeling too well.  Breathing is hard, my chest hurts, my head is spinning, and my body is weak.  I think it’s time to turn in.  I still have to wait for my fiance to get home.  It’s half-past-eleven now, and my fiance gets home at 12:30-1:00.  Ah, the second shift.  It’s like taking the creamy center of your ice cream sandwich and throwing it away, because you don’t like nice things.  And all you’re left with is a sticky, crumbly, barely edible piece of indistinguishable food product that tastes and looks like charcoal.  It’s the worst time of day to be working. 

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