Most nights

Most nights, my mind is both all over the place and nowhere. There’s so much chaos in my mind that I’m oddly calm. It doesn’t make sense, but does that matter? Can’t make sense of nonsense. Anyway. Usually, I try to organize my thoughts, but it gets pretty difficult. I thought a diary might help. And being online might help me too; hopefully, it helps me open up myself more. 

So here’s just some of my late night thoughts. 

  1. I’m very much so disappointed with humanity. 
  2. I still love you. 
  3. I need to get myself out there, but I don’t know how. 
  4. I need to find love again. 
  5. I’m mad that I still freaking love you.

I’m pretty sure you’ll find out a lot about me as I write more and more. Most of my late night thoughts will be addressed in my later diary entries. To those that will choose to follow along with my diary, sit back, have a cup of tea, put on some music, and enjoy following me in this roller coaster called life

x, EVB

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