Realizing that my life is a dating simulation, maybe…

I have another guy friend I’d totally bang. *40 year old mom voice* I know, I know. I’m so naughty. I’m so bad. But I’m not crushing on this one.

He actually worked with Twilight Princess Eye guy.

Alright so, Twilight Princess Eye guy, worked at a cell phone kiosk for a bit. So I’d visit (stalk) him there. That’s where I met  PC man (he plays PC games almost exclusively). He was really funny. I can’t remember TPE guy (Shortening it) had asked for his opinion on a game we were talking about or whether PC man just hopped in. PC guy is hilarious. Very dry, dark, cynical sense of humor. Uses words like “Scrub”and “noob”. Although not usually my type (he has a beard *Shudders*, no offense to any one who has or likes beards), I think he’s hot.

But alas, also way older then me. (Age: 28)

PC man doesn’t mind hanging out with me, though. Hanging out consists of smoking (Spiderman’s red haired girl)  and watching Netflix or watching him play whatever PC game is popular at the time. I actually enjoy watching people play.

At the beginning I’d only stop by if I saw TPE guy working. Eventually, I felt more comfortable conversing with PC man. So I’d stop by even if TPE guy wasn’t there and eventually TPE guy left the kiosk for the job he’s at now. I met PC man last year but we’ve gotten closer these past two months. He’s been stuck on this girl he met after being cheated on in his last relationship and he just opened up to me about it. I didn’t mind at all. 

I always thought PC man was just this cynical, funny guy that had an opinion on everything. But he’s actually kind of a sweetheart that’s pretty nice. Without going into details, I give a lot to people in my life. Some who don’t deserve it. And one day PC man told me to stop by the kiosk if I was in the area. I’m usually around that area A LOT. I headed over and I stopped by and he pulled out a new DS game for my 3DS. And I was smiling from ear to ear.

PC man: Don’t tell anyone I got you this. I don’t want anyone to think I have money. Because I don’t. *Laughs*

Me: Stooooop. I can’t accept this. *giggling*

PC man: Dude you totally deserve it. Hearing me bitch about *bitches name shall not be spoken* and everything you give to people who don’t deserve it, you deserve something.

And that really meant a lot to me. Because at that time, I never saw anyone as undeserving. PC man and TPE guy definitely opened up my eyes to everyone who was using me. Shout out to my older guy friends.

  Fast forward a couple weeks later, I’m bitching about boy problems and PC man goes: Dude, I’m gonna be honest with you… You’re too good for, if not most, ALL of the guys in this town.

Of course I blushed internally, HARD. I looked down as I felt my face heat up. “Oh my God, PC guy, noooo… stop… thank you…”

“It’s true.” *Smiles* Then he goes back to what he’s talking about.

Fast forward to today. PC man is sweet, and the way he talks about the girl he’s stuck on, it’s cute. It is. And I’m jealous. Not of her, but her having a boy think about her so often. PC man and TPE guy have been friends since high school. So TPE guy knows PC man, very well.

Rewind to last year. Even before me and PC guy got close and I’d just stop by his kiosk after TPE guy got a new job, TPE guy “warned”me about PC man. That PC man might just want use me for one thing. TPE guy’s friend who also works with him, Dough boy, who we’ll call DB, (When I poke him he giggles like the Pillsbury Dough boy, another sweetheart of my realm), was a little more blunt:

“He views you as a sex object.”
*TPE guy points to DB* “That about sums it up. I know him. He plays a game, watch… OUT for him. I’ve seen with my own eyes. He flirts with you and you don’t even see it. He’s told me. Just be careful, I don’t want you to get hurt.” While I thought it was sweet they were concerned, ESPECIALLY TPE guy, I didn’t see the bad in PC man. I still don’t. But TPE guy I guess has seen its been a year and a half and PC man still hasn’t tried anything. TPE guy has told me at least 3 times to keep a safe distance from PC man. And was a bit concerned when I “disregarded what he had told me” and hung out with him for the first time.

TPE guy has no issues with PC man. I guess he kind of views me as a little sister he’s protecting from his “player” friend. He’s just seen too much of his way with women, but nothing personal. Their friends, like I said.

FAST FORWARD TO TODAY AGAIN. I actually hung out with PC man today. Same as always, nothing except what I described. And I was looking at him okay with his kitten he got 3 weeks ago. And I just smiled as I thought to myself:

“What a sweet, cute, but gruff, hot, strong guy you are. I’d like to you rock your world, sir.”

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