This list is going to go on for a long while. And I’m going to keep adding a few stuff here and there I hope!

  1. Travel on your own.
  2. Go to a haunted house.
  3. Learn to cook a whole meal.
  4. Make a time capsule for 5 years.
  5. Write yourself letters for every birthday till 2020.
  6. Learn a new language.
  7. Send a message in a bottle.
  8. Sleep naked.
  9. Have a date (a friend will do too).
  10. Bunk classes for more than five days.
  11. A list of every book I’ve read.
  12. Watch more than one movie at the cinemas in one day.
  13. Learn to drive a two wheeler.
  14. Drive a car.
  15. Hang out of a bus.
  16. Tight hug a guy.
  17. Kiss a guy.
  18. Make a resume.
  19. Stay up for more than 36 hours.
  20. Eat nothing at all for 36 hours.
  21. Stay off electric devices for 36 hours.
  22. Pack a runaway bag.
  23. Plant something.
  24. Cut my own hair.
  25. Write ‘Last notes’ for the ones you love.
  26. Put some makeup on.
  27. Sleep through the night with make up.
  28. Attend a party.
  29. Start sketching again.
  30. Have an alcoholic drink.
  31. Smoke.
  32. Buy your own lighter.
  33. Learn to open bottle with just your mouth.
  34. Flirt with a guy both over text.
  35. And in real life.
  36. Put Christmas lights in my bedroom.
  37. Watch a movie on your own.
  38. Get really really wet in the rain.
  39. Treat yourself for brunch. Alone.
  40. Start playing a virtual reality game.
  41. Walk around with no directions.
  42. Tour a childhood park.
  43. Go to a bookstore. Alone.
  44. Start watching a new TV show.
  45. Find your favorite Anime show.
  46. Talk to a stranger.
  47. Write something.
  48. Go shopping for yourself.
  49. Take a very very long bath.
  50. Start maintaining a journal.
  51. Have an actual sleepover.
  52. Start making friends from around the world.
  53. Read smut of your biggest ship.
  54. (Write too maybe?).
  55. Play laser tag.
  56. Wake up late and just lay there with songs.
  57. Visit a tourist attraction.
  58. Dye my hair.
  59. Sext someone.
  60. Carve something into a tree.
  61. Discover a new band and keep it a secret.
  62. Make your own pancakes for breakfast.
  63. Make a CD with all of the best memories.
  64. Read a thriller book and watch it’s movie in one day.
  65. Watch hardcore porn.
  66. Try to write a poem.
  67. Watch the sun rise and set.
  68. Have a bonfire.
  69. Take a bath in the middle of the night.
  70. Run in high heels.
  71. Make a list of my insecurities and burn it.
  72. Wander aimlessly.
  73. Paint on shirts.
  74. Complete 16 Random Acts of Kindness.
  75. Start saving bills.
  76. Collect little stuff from everywhere you go.
  77. Dance without any control.
  78. Go for a morning walk.
  79. Learn the morse code for a few sentences.
  80. Learn the basics of sign language.
  81. And basics in two or three new languages.
  82. Make a list of things I did and I’m proud of.
  83. Send semi-nudes to someone.
  84. Listen to old songs from your library.
  85. Make a mix tape.
  86. Buy yourself lots of presents.
  87. Feel the wind in your face (over 90 km/hr).
  88. Send someone a letter.
  89. Receive one back.
  90. Learn to play a song.
  91. Get a henna tattoo.
  92. Get a permanent tattoo.
  93. Start a YouTube channel.
  94. Kiss a girl.
  95. Set off some fireworks.
  96. Hug your friends and tell them how much you love them.
  97. Go on a trip somewhere with friends.

This isn’t it all. Hopefully there’s gonna be more that I’d wanna do. Some of the things are pretty simple and don’t seem to matter but remember I was a prude. A very very good one at that. So I don’t really know about some stuff on here. But you know sweet sixteen! I’m gonna make it an excuse and make this the best year yet. 

[Any more ideas for this bucket list are very much appreciated]

P.s Thank you Missy! I love those ideas. 🙂

One thought on “The.Big.Bucket.List;”

  1. 86. Beat a video game on the hardest difficulty
    87. Start a YouTube channel
    88. Kiss a girl
    89. Set off some fireworks
    90. Hug your friends and tell them how much you love them
    91. Go on a trip somewhere with friends
    92. Take a vacation with your family

    Here’s all I got for now. Hope you like these.

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