15 years

As of May 31st I have been with my love for 15 years.  15 long years.  We’ve been married 11 of them 15 years. It has been hard. Especially lately as im questioning his love for me. I dont even think he realize yesterday was our anniversary as he said shit. To others 15 year anniversary may not matter to them but to me it does.  He could have said something. No I wasnt expecting anything but a simple happy anniversary.  Its the little things that matter to me.  But what did I expect from him after disrespecting me this past weekend. He dont understand as always.  I feel like hes just here.  We made it for 15 years but will we contiune to make it for another hell even another year.  I really cant tell you.   I feel like im in the wrong place now. Like I try to picture myself in the future to see if hes in it and only thing I see is me and my boys.  I dont know if its because im so hurt or because im depress.  I dont know.  Maybe im over reacting.  I dont know at all nomore.  

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