A good sleep.


I had a wonderful sleep last night! I guess making up for the past few days. 

Dude, Duuuuuuuudessssss

I just got my free books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God, I am so excited. I already read the first two: The Raven Boys and Tell me three things. The third one though, The courage to be myself,my mom told me I should read it. So yeah, reading books on a rainy day? Wouldn’t change anything. 

My mom told me she was gonna get me a phone, but I had to pay for it. Would she let me talk to my friend again? I certainly hope so. Would she let me continue using tumblr and pinterest? I hope so, too. So, I love learning languages, right? I know a bit of Chinese, a lot of Italian, Spanish, English , and I am teaching myself Latin. I can read it and pronounce it just fine, but coming up and building my own sentences is complicated. This week, my dad showed me a song in Portuguese and I thought “This is the next language I want to learn.” The great thing about Portuguese is that it sounds so… exotic and romantic. At least I know some Italian and Spanish, so it’s easier to learn. 

Oh, I did tell you guys that I got the keys for my car? No? Well, I got the keys for my baby! A Jeep Cherokee Sport from ’96. White and a little messy; just perfect. My dad still has to buy a new battery and a thing for a leak, but that’s gonna be fixed this summer. Then, on December when I get my license I can drive to school!!!! As you can see, things are going just fine. Today I have to go to Chuck E. Cheese and make a few phone calls to confirm birthday reservations that people made. A new position. Because someone’s quitting. 

I don’t think I told you guys that I might be moving to Texas. Our family and I are going over there during the summer for a week and check it out, see how it is. Hopefully, we can find a nice house. I love a country ambient. We wanted a farm; we used to have one in Puerto Rico. I remember having a tiny white rooster, he didn’t have an eye because another one, an ass, fought with him. But he lasted for a while. Then my grandpa ate it… Yeah. 

You know, this morning I had a free period and I started thinking while listening to some music, about all the bad things I’ve done. A lot of bad, disgusting things. I was disgusted at myself for a while. Then I thought, if none of it happened, who would I be today? The thing is, because of all the mistakes I’ve made, I am me. Because of these things, I can choose to be smarter and be wiser when I am tempted to do them again. I can choose to be honest and do good. I can tell someone who might be going through the same thing what not to do so they don’t mess up like I did.

My hands are freezing, my mom says is because I am stressed, my brother says it’s because I am secretly a lizard (dude, I have a lizard phobia) and I say that it’s because it is cold outside. Or in the room. But it’s weird because sometimes I’m at the beach and I feel cold under a burning sun. 

I learned something really cool about octopuses. They have three hearts and each one of their arms has a mind of its own. How cool right? My question was what if one of the hearts fail? Will the octopus die or live with the other two? I looked it up and apparently it won’t die immediately but because each heart has a different function, they will eventually starve, get sick, then die. But I am guessing the arms will still live for a bit. Hm…



Parachutes by Balance and Composure

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