Birth Control

I just began taking birth control a few months ago and now I’m finally starting to feel the effects of it.  What I thought I would experience is nausea and extreme mood swings.  The nausea passed after the first couple of weeks actually and thankfully I didn’t get any extreme mood swings… but after three months what I noticed on a daily basis no matter how much rest I get or how many healthy meals I eat a day, I feel fatigue.  It’s the type of fatigue where I have to focus on energy and focus on smiling and appearing myself around others.  after researching I guess birth control can have that effect on a womans body, so I’ve been taking a multivitamin packed with b12 and drinking silk almond milk which also has a large serving of b12.  It is helping some.  I usually need a nap by the end of the work day.  I’m just looking forward to being done with needing to take it.  After my surgery in a couple of months I’ll be able to slowly decrease my intake and get back to normal. 😊

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