Feelin…kind of crappy.

Feeling downright crappy today.  I did not sleep well at all.  Took me hours to get to sleep and then I had strange and creepy nightmares.  I mean in one I was kind of flying/spinning in some sort of vortex, it was hazy, gauzy and I was quite dizzy…I woke up…dizzy.  Then in another bad guys as in killer bad guys were after me and my family.  Crazy shit. 

So anyhow I guess I got 4 to 5 hours sleep, fitful sleep.  When I had to go to work I was so achy I cried almost the entire drive in!  UGH.  But hey what you gonna do, gotta keep on keeping on right? What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.  So I have decided to do 4 hours of overtime today…yep four.  Seriously why go home on time?  It’s not like I’m going to do anything fun or even productive!  So I will work till twilight and get home when it gets dark and just go to bed!

Oh and earn 6 hours (almost an entire day’s) pay.  Yeah I think I can do this!

2 thoughts on “Feelin…kind of crappy.”

  1. If you do the overtime and get the extra pay, you should do something really special for yourself with it. That’s my suggestion. (smile)

  2. Thank you…good idea…perhaps I will. Well honestly even if sometimes I use it to pay down bills…that is special cause it relieves some stress! Hope you are feeling better this afternoon.

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