Hola Amigos! Como Esta Usted?

I hope you all have been doing well and keeping up with life so far. Wow. We are officially six months into the year. I have much to report, so grab a cup of tea and read on. 🙂 

Last semester ( spring) my school had offered a package deal on math courses for students who wanted to try and get all the math out of the way. I of course, knowing that math is my weakness decided to sign up for this. Through blood (from paper cuts) sweat and oh so many tears I made it through each class with A’s and ended up getting a 4.0 

That was the first 4.0 since high school lol. Being that math is my brains natural enemy, you can imagine the joy I felt after seeing my final grades. Not only that, I actually learned something. I must say I was surprised because I bombed two important tests so I thought I would end up with a B if not a C in most of them. They were the 114(easy) Math120 and Math121. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Your school let you sign up for all three at once!?’ I know! I was shocked too and so glad I got them out of the way! I will forever be grateful for Mrs. G for coming up with that wonderful idea. 

I totally did a happy dance and raced home (safely of course) to tell my boyfriend. Him being the math genius that he is, let me enjoy my victory without a word and even a more amazing man celebrated with me. 

I thought I would take a break and enjoy summer but instead I signed up for one online class. English 218G to be exact. It’s an online class, so should be fairly easy right? WRONG! Boy I am more stressed this semester than I was during the three math courses. I think it is because we have a paper due every other day. Plus everything is crammed into a month. I enjoy writing but boy oh boy my fingers are done.

Not to mention I have officially taken over the overnight shifts at the hospital. Its a great shift for studying on down time when there is some. I have gotten use to staying up until 0700 so thats not too bad. I get to see the sun come up so that’s a plus. I do end up sleeping the rest of the day away though. Even on my days off. My love calls me a vampire because I can no longer sleep during the night. If I start feeding on him then we’ll have a problem…just kidding! Actually last night was a night off and I tossed and turned in bed until 0521, got up and started researching Tampa Florida. 

I have plans of moving to Florida once I am done with school. I’ll miss the mountains but I am so over New Mexico. I miss the East Coast and the melting pot of people it has to offer. One major down side of these overnight shifts is that its messing up my body bad. I spend most of my down time at home asleep and so I am not eating enough. I workout when I can which is more often than I thought I would be able to. The sleeping all day and not eating is causing me to lose my gains :'( 

I hope I figure out something soon because this chick loves muscle and love having it. The only way to keep them is to feed them, along with the working out and sleeping. I’m going to test out next semesters life schedule that I made for myself just to see if I can handle it. I’ll wait until this summer semester is over first. I don’t want to wait until Fall semester starts to find out I can’t.

Basically, I work an overnight, get out at 0700, class at 11:00 until 5pm then its back to work at 2100 to do it all over again. Oh yes, Fall is going to be hell. But hey, I have to do what I have to do right?

ps: featuring pic is by me. 🙂 Taken in the moutians in 2015

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  1. Awesome pic girl! Keep it up! Do you blog anywhere else or have an IG?

    Please don’t post too many Florida pics and make me jealous

  2. Gracias!
    This is the only “social media” or blog if you can even call it either that I have right now. I am slowly getting back into it. I love photography so IG wouldn’t be a bad idea in the future.

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