I am not good with people

I am a horrible communicator. I an easily annoyed by simple things. I am too used to staying to myself and not having to interact with people on a regular basis IN PERSON. 

I don’t really know how to fix that. I guess I just have to try to get used to it. 

Anyway, night 2 and 3 were slightly better than the first night, but not much. I am terrified… ok not really terrified, but I am scared that I am going to have to do it again tonight because they said that they did not receive the information for last night. I thought I was done! I was looking forward to a slightly more restful sleep tonight, but if this thing does not transmit the information, I will have to do it again tonight. Sighs. . . 

I left the house again today. I think that I have left the house more in the last week than I did all year and this is not an exaggeration. It is nice to get out, but at the same time… doing so makes you have to deal with people. The only reason I left is because I needed to get some groceries/things from the store. I thought we were going to Target… since that is what L said… but she is kinda absent minded… bird-brained? I don’t know. She told me we were going to Burlington when we got in the car. I needed absolutely nothing from that store. lol But then she said she had to go to Kroger, so I figured I could get the groceries I needed from there. But no… we stayed in Burlington an hour and a half (to get 3 things). Her niece was with us and she has to be at the airport by 4 to catch a flight. We just got back to the house at 2pm. Her niece lives an hour away and still has some things to pack. The niece’s understanding was that she would be home at 1pm. She lives almost an hour from here. lol She is lucky to get to her house by 3:30 at this rate. They STILL haven’t left. No telling how far she lives from the airport. 

So, yes, this is what sparked the beginning of this entry. I could have ordered my groceries online and have had them delivered by now. And I am totally off of my eating schedule now. But, oh well. 

Speaking of food,


Yesterday I had

poached eggs and grape tomatoes

unjury chicken protein soup with tomato soup mixed in

greens and turkey sausage

turkey pepperoni and almonds

I know, weird menu, but I really did not feel like cooking yesterday.


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