I’m back

“I need to write”. I tell myself this as I look at my desktops and wonder why I’m not writing anymore. I went from writing literally every single day to hardly ever. The thing yall don’t know is I wrote A LOT without publishing it. Some things just don’t need to be published and put out to the world. Some of the things I wrote were about other people, myself, my feelings and thoughts, what I think about other people, etc. I’m sorry I did not post some of those things but hopefully yall understand that I didn’t post those things because I had certain reasons. The thing that some people can be happy about is that the blog that I’m writing right now is going to be posted on my blog. I almost feel like I’ve let down some people when I don’t write and publish it and maybe that is the reason I have yet to post again. Today I got an email from this site and I’ve gotten a lot of emails lately because people want me to write again or they commented on one of my blogs. Today’s email stuck out because they started off by saying they are stalking my page. Instantly I was somewhat concerned so I clicked on the email and it happen to be a comment about me writing and music. That simple comment weighed over all the other ones and it’s the reason I’m writing currently.

So tomorrow I start my exams. Oh boy! Just what I wanted as I finish the school year. I have the English exam first and I feel like I will do exceptional on it because I love to read and write. I only have to go the next two days and then Tuesday of next week and then I’m finally free to be wild and just have fun. I’m so beyond ready for school to be done just because I don’t want to stress anymore. I want this summer to be my best summer yet and trust me, I will make that happen.

Yesterday I went to bed at 6:30 for no reason tbh. I set an alarm for 4:30 this morning so I could wake up and take my shower and have time to eat breakfast and that is exactly how my morning went. I woke up at 4:30 and took my shower and ate my oatmeal. I got to school at normal time and just waited for the bell to ring so I can go to class. I got to class and just talked with some of my friends and then came second. All we did was watch star wars in there and that honestly sucked. I don’t have anything against that movie but I wanted to be doing something fun. Yall don’t understand how close I was to skipping the rest of the day. I went to third period and that was easily the worst class of the day. I’m not going into details because I can’t. I then went to fourth period and we watched our project videos and made test corrections. We didn’t really do much obviously because of the lack of time to learn anything. After math I went home and watched the season premiere of AGT. It wasn’t that bad but it could have had more singing performances in it tbh. After I watched that I made my way to my bedroom and now I’m here, sitting on the floor typing away before I go to church.

I honestly miss this. I miss writing really long document every day for people to read and I’m going to start back.  I don’t know if it will be an everyday thing again but I will post frequently.

Well, that is about all for today. I will keep yall updated as I continue with my journey through life.

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