Journal Entry #13 (Rejection and #MissyDrama)

Hey Blume. I’m sure you’ve read my PM to you on RPR. If you haven’t then please go read it right now before you read this. It took me an hour and a half to type all that only using a phone and you need to read it cause it’s important.

I will admit Blume, I’m hurting. I’m hurting so bad. Or maybe I’m just being dramatic.  I don’t know. No one takes something like that with a grain of salt and yes I may not ever love again but I still want to be friends.

Don’t blame yourself. It is me who is at fault. I was too pushy and I paid the price.

I will probably have another nightmare again. Hopefully not.

I will continue to peruse r/nosleep until I can go to bed. Please PM me as soon as you can Blume. I want to talk to you. I need to.

God I’m so dramaticccc

Update: I perused for too long and now it’s almost midnight and I have to pee and I’m scaredddd.

Y u do dis 2 urself MissE? Y?

There’s no rest for scared dramatic rejects, so I’ve gotta go.

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