Journal Entry #14 (Scary Stories and Peeing At Midnight)

Now, I like really scary stories. You know, the ones that make you look over your shoulder? The ones that stick with you all day? The problem is when it gets dark out. I get so scared. I’m such a wuss.

Take now for instance. I just started reading Reddit’s subreddit “NoSleep” again. It’s where users can post real/realistic fictional stories about scary stuff. ¬†Encounters with stalkers, ghosts, demons. You name it, it’s been posted. Sometimes stuff gets really messed up (It’s usually when the OP is revealed to have done something terrible accidentally/plot twisted to be the true bad guy of the story). That’s okay though. I like reading about that stuff.

You see, the real problem is at night. When I have to pee. The bathroom is right outside my room, but so is a dark hallway. Screw that. It’s 12:30 in the morning right now. I need to pee though. I’m gonna go. Brb I’m gonna update when I’m done.

Update: Oh my god I freaking made it! I was waiting for that creepy person from that one story to be waiting for me. There are a lot of bad things with peeing at midnight after reading scary stories.

Update 2: It is 11 AM and I haven’t learned my lesson from last night. I am still reading and still getting creeped out. Plz Hlp ;-;

There’s no rest for wusses, so I’ve gotta go.

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