Once in a while, you need something new in your life. It’s not that you don’t want good things already in your life to stay where they are. Changes are not always bad or even tragically disruptive.

Sometimes, change complements you. It’s a nice addition to your life, something that you can really hope for instead of just wishing. It’s perfectly normal.

New things and new people – hopefully they’re all good and can make us become better as human beings than before. Whether it’s a new job or a new place to live in, please enjoy and cherish it for as long as possible. Not everyone gets or earns that opportunity. Not everyone always does.

Then, how about new people? Some people believe that they prefer quality over quantity, so they no longer focus on making more friends than staying with the ones they’ve already got. But then again, why close down that possibility to let someone new into your life? What harm would it do to you?

Maybe that person you’re just getting to know will give a more positive impact in your life. Maybe they’ll become your new best friend, potential love interest, or the one you’ve been waiting all your life. Sometimes it takes just a single step or a simple friendly gesture. No pretenses. A sweet dazzling smile and beautiful bright eyes before a pleasant conversation.

Maybe? We’ll see. Even if you’re still not ready to let them in completely, at least have a seat on your or their front porch. Talk. Open up. Share stories.

Let’s build new bridges…today.



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