Soul searching

Soul searching.. You’re probably guessing this is about finding love. 

Well, you would be correct. I want to find love for myself.  What ignites my heart? What is my purpose? Will I ever truly be happy within? Can I love my flaws and endlessly changing body. 


Self love is a tough act to follow. You’ve got to constantly see the light in the darkness. Self love isn’t just about you either. (I know, what? It’s not? It LITERALLY says ‘self’) 

those who love themselves; love others.  They don’t judge or cause harm. They accept others for who they truly are whether they get along or not, that person is the way they are and that’s OK! I always whilst a teenager denied that. You can love yourself and be able to judge others that they were two separate things entirely. 


i wasn’t happy with myself then. I’m more happy than I was, but I’m not there yet


I want to experience the world. Hurt, pain, loss, love, excitement, growth, ambition, family, all of it. I want babies and I want to foster. I want to adopt. I want to open my heart and my arms and raise little radiating balls of sunshine. I want to grow and teach soulful and kind beings. I want to home school and show my children that there is MUCH more to life than money, popularity, etc. The world is literally in the palm of their hands. They can achieve anything they truly, truly, want. 


You must believe. You must love. 


To be continued. 

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