A Sermon on TV

I listened to a sermon and sure enough, it was about the 10 talents.  That story has troubled me all my life.  I am multi-talented.  So much that I don’t know which way to turn.  And I’m no spring chick anymore, either.  I wrote my book for God, THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH.  My friend told me that was my destiny.  But it hasn’t sold much because I’ve no way to present it and let people know it’s out there.  If anyone is interested, it is available on Amazon.com and also Barnes and Noble.  It was published by a division of Thomas Nelson.  It is a book I wish everyone would read.  I put my heart and soul into it, and it is light and easy to read and uplifting.  Now I wonder, am I supposed to write another book?  Finish the big novel I have almost completed?  I go to the nursing homes on Sundays with my mom to play the piano for them.  I used to be a church music director and pianist.  It was too much for me (10 years) and at the last I had a nervous breakdown and they let me go.   I wrote music, even an Easter Cantata.  I paint, draw, do pottery, write poetry, and short stories.  I don’t know what God wants me to do now.  Sometimes I think I should get a job, but my hubby is a bit older and very dependent on me.  I counsel young people when God brings them into my life and makes it clear that’s what He wants.  I ALWAYS feel I am hiding that one talent and disappointing God.  I so want to please Him, He is everything to me.  I have time on my hands sometimes, although I practice piano a lot.  It is harder for me to see the music these days.  The people in the nursing home seem to love my playing.  I figure that’s a kind of ministry.  I just don’t want to let God down, cause He’s never let me down and never will.  Any thoughts?  Sorry this is so long.

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  1. Advertisement is everything now in this world we live in. If you are not selling enough then you need a new way to advertise. You are obviously very creative so try and think of a creative way to get the word out there. maybe try researching ” How to start a movement” this may actually help a lot.

  2. I don’t think that you can let God down. He gave you your life, such a beautiful gift. Your life was meant to be lived, just for you. I think that might be the message you are missing. You take time to help out so many people. You share your love and light with the world. I think that’s your purpose right there. Life, love, laugh. Others will see how light your soul is and how deeply you love. That kind of sincerity can’t be faked, not only that, but it’s contagious. Once you pass love on, it keeps spreading.

    And now I’m curious. I may not be into the Christian Judea ideals of worship, but I do love a good book. I’ll have to order it from Amazon this Monday.

  3. Oh, I would LOVE for you to read my book! And comment, I hope. It is not traditional, as you’ll see.
    Thank you for your affirmation of my life’s main gift. I need to remember that I am here to love and to help and also to enjoy life. I need to read my own book again! Seriously.
    You always have something encouraging to say to me. It means so much! Hugs.

  4. Oh my goodness me! You do so much and are such a blessing on this journal site and to me with all your your encouragement. It seems to me that God often makes most of us multi-faceted…or multi-talented if you will and you are using those talents. I’m not God so I don’t have the answers but we all strive and we all fall short, that is why we are justified through HIM and not through our own works.
    Look at all you do within your family…watching your grandchildren and helping with Matthew. And the nursing home ministry..oh sweetheart that is so special. I used to go to the nursing home church service with mom every Sunday…how wonderful those folks were to share that music with us. It means so very, very much. The old folk are as precious and helpless as children.
    And as far as getting a job…honey I’m 63 years old. I work full time with a 45 minute commute one way into the city…counting that and my 1/2 lunch I have to take…I’m gone at least 10 hours a day 5 days a week…except now they are offering overtime. Today…I worked from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m….which is the schedule I worked all of last week as well! Be happy to be retired. Hugs to you. Keep us posted on Matthew!

  5. Thank you, dear friend. Matthew has had 2 good weeks. We are so thankful. Wednesday my husband got a diagnosis of Parkinsons’s Disease. He is pretty stressed about it. I am trying to believe for healing, and also stay “up” for him. Will keep you posted. Hugs.

  6. Write to your children. Write stories about them growing up and the joy that they brought to your life. Give this book as a gift to them so they have someday when you are gone. I only have one child, a son. I started writing about him when he headed to become a Marine and then he was in Iraq for 2 tours. All my love and feelings went into to what I wrote. Someday he will see it. I think it will surprise him.
    Write to your children, or even a grandchild. What a gift that would be for them.

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