Be Good to Yourself… Too!

be good to self

For most of my life, this sentiment of being good to others was a no brainer… and it was the logical thing to also be good to ourselves. Yet there was, in observation, little focus on that. In fact, most teachings highlighted being good to others and prioritizing that. It was only recently that I came to realize just how important this focal point of myself as the recipient of love and goodness truly was in my life. 

In making this realization, I had several choices. I could smile and nod and go about my business or I could enlist in transformative and enduring changes to honor this call. Not always for the faint of heart but this called to me deeply. 

That is where my journey has really taken an interesting turn. I look forward to sharing it with you all, humbly, in hopes that it may help light the way through some of the darkness for you and shine brighter in the joy-filled light! 

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