Bye Best Friend

We grew apart and I knew it was coming eventually. I didn’t trust her or believe really much that she said. She finally reactivated her Facebook and within 24 hours she deleted me. I sent her a message wishing her the best in life. The only part that bothers me is she had no problem deleting me that quick when I did so much for her over the duration of our friendship but she cant seem to let go of the people who use her and walk all over her. You are the company you keep i guess so have fun with that. I’m glad its done honestly I don’t pretend well and I wasn’t really putting in any effort either. I realized over a year ago that I was her friend and always there for her but she wasn’t mine and never there for me. Once she didn’t need me anymore I was disposed of. Any rate I wish her well and I hope her life is great. 

3 thoughts on “Bye Best Friend”

  1. You’re being very mature about this. I’m proud of you. I’m glad you are not suffering over it. Just accepting it. God will give you a good friend in His time. That will be entirely different—someone who loves you back and is there for you. God bless you.

  2. I’ve learned that people – the good and the bad – come and go in our lives at just the right time and every one of them has a lesson to teach us. The lesson usually isn’t apparent at the time we are involved with them, but after the fact you come to the realization that your paths crossed for a reason.

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