For the sake of others
I didnt bother to think about myself.
Not knowing, i’ve been ignorant of the things that surrounds me.
Things that shouldn’t be left alone.

I feel… alone.
But they didn’t bother.
It hurts.
But they were somehow right
Outside I look like I dont care about everything…
But inside its the opposite…

They all think it doesnt hurt me.. even a bit.
But it hurts me a lot.

Maybe this is why… they dont trust me about things?

I cant help thinking that I am their friend in name only…
Because everytime something happen… i am always the last one to know…
Always surprised…
Always shocked…
Always feeling dumb.


It really hurts when your bestest bestfriend told you that she’ll stay away from you. Even if she needed space or time just to get over something… dont you think it is unfair to do that? I mean.. she told me that she’ll distance herself with me and then if she’s ready enough and the wound in her heart heals then she’ll go back to me and we’ll continue being bestfriends. 

I am her best friend… yet she hides so many things from me…. I know I cant know everything but… it hurts not being able to be reliable enough.

2 thoughts on “Friendship”

  1. I know how you feel. Just hang in there. When she’s ready, she’ll come back. They always do. And if not, it’s not meant to be. I use to have the best relationship with my cousin Dave from when he was 10years old all the way through high school. But then after he graduated high school five years ago and started working; he just completely forgot about me and never returns my calls and text and emails. I’m just like totally invisible to him; to my whole family. So, I know what you’re going through.

  2. Thank you very much… but just thinking about it gives me pain. And, I don’t think this kind of situation is something you can take lightly… I understand your pain too. It sucks…

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