I miss my boys ’cause they’re at camp

I hope they are both having a great time.  Matthew was feeling so bad before they left.  But they separated from their mom just fine.  This is just a little taste of how it will be if Matthew goes to a facility to live.  I miss him so much, and I will see him on Saturday!  I hope he will be calm.  Sometimes some little thing upsets him (usually something he is mad at himself for) and he kicks  walls and door and splits the wood in the door and screams for 45 minutes.  Then he will dissolve in tears and remorse and sob “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.”  It’s like he’s tormented.  I ache for him.  He is 15 years old.  I hold him when he will let me and comfort him and assure him “it’s allright.”  I don’t know why I’m writing this, I’ve written so much similar stuff before.  Of course, it is on my mind, so I guess that’s why I write it.

3 thoughts on “I miss my boys ’cause they’re at camp”

  1. Let it out sister!
    I hope the boys have a good time at camp. I also hope that Matthew doesn’t have to go to a facility and can stay put surrounded by his family that loves him through and through.

    I’m very impressed with how well he handles separation. Dee Dee would never tolerate going to camp. She despises new people, new places, New situations. Her last day of middle school is today. She goes to high school next year. She’s begging me to enroll her in home school because the change terrifies her.

  2. Oh, yes. Ana begged us to home school her her sophomore year, and we did. She worked hard and later graduated USC magna cum laude! People thought she was just dropped out of school, despite her A average. Are you considering homeschool for Dee Dee? I hope you will consider it. It will mean so much to her to know you understand how she feels. Children and even teens are so helpless in many ways.

  3. We are considering home school, but I had to set some goals before it can happen.

    1.) We need to be moved into a new house. We adore South Carolina and want to remain in the same town, but we need more space.
    2.) We need a new computer & printer. Dee Dee has a lap top, but I’m convinced it’s full of viruses. I’d prefer a pc in a family area where I can over see her work
    3.) She needs to agree to at least one social situation (like swimming lessons, karate, whatever, just so long as she gets a chance to be near other kids). She has social anxiety (so common with autism spectrum) and I fear letting her lock herself away might be harmful unless she’s presented with small opportunities to socialize.

    Thanks for sharing Ana’s experience! That’s awesome she did so well.

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