I spoke too soon

Some kitty in our clan has been a phantom puker. It happened for 3 straight days about 2 weeks ago. Toothless, being terminal and all was the obvious suspect. Only… the  mustard yellow puddles of textured yucky were discovered in the hallway and the in the kitchen. Some cat deposited them in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. Since Toothless shuts herself up in Dee Dee’s room she was quickly ruled out as a kitten of interest.

While it wasn’t an alarming amount of vomit, we were able to cross Tyrion off the list of possible culprits. The piles of goo were about the same size as that teeny kitty. I simply can’t believe it could have been him.

That leaves Jake and Andy. Recently Jake packed on some fluffy pounds. We crack jokes about him being a fat cat. Jake ranked high on my list of possible pukers.

Then before I even solved the mystery, it stopped. Quickly the incidents slid out of my mind. Today Dee Dee witnessed Toothless throwing up. When we were cleaning it, we saw blood. I’m nervous. Is it the medication that caused her to vomit blood or does this have to do with her cancer? I honestly don’t know.

Weird to say it, but other than puking up blood, Toothless had a good day. She hung out in my window and watched the birds for a long time. She cuddled with me. She purred. She chirped. She flexed and unflexed her paws against my head. She nuzzled my chin, cheeks, and forehead.

I’m worried. This can’t be good.

4 thoughts on “I spoke too soon”

  1. Vomiting blood is never good. There are a number of reasons why a cat might vomit, ranging from “just because” to something more serious. I am a professional in the veterinary field. My advice is to take your cat to the vet.

  2. LovelyObject –
    Thanks for the advice. If you’ve been following my journal I’ve been blogging about Toothless’s last days. She is under going palliative care for cancer. She has spinal lymphoma, takes prednesolone, and wears a fentanyl patch. Unfortunately, her vet gave us the bad news that Toothless is terminally ill and has an aggressive tumor wrapped around her spinal cord. Her vet thought she would only have a few weeks left, but my soul kitty has surpassed that. Every day she is with us is a miracle and testament to our love for her. She sees a vet once a week and this definitely warrants a trip.

    The vomit I cleaned up before last night had no blood, but this it did. Since the incident happened around 10 last night there wasn’t much I could do other than keep her cozy. A trip to her amazing doctor is on the itinerary for today.

    As much as it hurts to think about putting her down, it’d hurt more to see her suffer.

  3. I am a cat lover, too. It was so special reading your description of Toothless cuddling up to you, flexing her claws (my friend calls this ‘making dough’. And purring. She loves you very much. She is happy. If you someday have to have her put down, you can know you gave her huge love and happiness.

  4. Making dough!!! Thank you savedbygace – I love that phrase for it and will be using it from now on. It’s such a typical cat thing, but when Toothless makes dough she always does it on my hand or my face and she’s so incredibly gentle. She purrs so loudly. You can just tell that she loves us as much as we love her.

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