Matthew Art

     Matthew puts on his black size 10 chucks, black pants and black
button up dress shirt before walking out the door at 6:34am. Matthew
had meant to leave at 6:20am however like most mornings his attention
had grasped to long onto ponderings of exquisite compositions and once
again Matthew was in a hurry. If Matthew walks briskly he will still
make it on time. The morning is buzzing in woeful bustle of cars
honking and beeping. Matthew notices drained eyes behind wheels
stopped seconds to long at red lights. Matthew’s mind is racing faster
than his legs are promenading. When Matthew gets close to arriving his
destination he cuts through the grass. Matthew now looks down at his
watch and realizes he had been flying so fast he would be 15 minutes
early. Matthew stops lays in the grass shuts his eyes and inhales deep
protracted breaths of overgrown grass and honey suckle. Matthew smells
colors to grand to be seen by eye and envisions worlds purely of his
own creation. Matthew gets up and runs now! Running as fast as he can
running for his life running and running faster and faster blocking
all senses other than the ones he has composed. Bursting through
studio doors Matthew begins to paint in strokes never met by his hand
before. Matthew’s heart sings with elation. Now the world can see
something new something magnificent. Now the world will see Matthew’s
mind through his own creation. Matthew is a producer. Matthew is an

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  1. thank you kindly I truly enjoyed this character and want to write more about him.

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