Today Im suppose to go get my MRI finally after Ive been waiting sense the end of March.  Im tired of going thru this pain. Living my life like this but I keep going for my kids. I’ve been going thru issues for over a year now.  It started out in my back.  I went to the hostipal they told me I pulled something in my back.  I knew it was bs when they told me.  I woke up in pain with it one morning.  They gave me meds and sent me home.  Three months later I went to a different hostipal they said the same u pulled a muscle.  Went back again when I woke up one morning in pain went to get up and almost fell in the floor.  Felt like I only had one leg. From then on I couldnt hardly walk right.  Went back to another hostipal they gave me a shot in my back and said they was sending me to a specialist that i had nerve dmange.  Made appt with him.. They took xrays.  He came in and looked at them and told me hes never seen a back like mine especially at a young age.  I was inform then that one of my disk had slip and was grinding against another one, my back was curving to the right, the lining that help protects your disk i no longer had and my bottom disk had vanish and the one above i was starting to break off in little pieces.  He told me I had to go to P.Therapy before the insurance would approve my MRI to see why my back doing this.  Never once said anythingthing about the pain in my leg.  Went to P.therapy one time for them to tell me I have to pay my 500.00 dect. first.  Its the end of the year Im not paying it and then have to turn around and do it come Jan.  Ill just wait.  Now brings you to this year. Still having the back pain cant hardly move at all.  We changed ins company.  We also moved.  Well a week after being in this house I was leaving and started down the stairs my right leg gave out on me to the point i almost fell down the steps.  I couldnt move.  Finally my husband got me up and back to my bed.  The next day I went to go to the restroom and fell in the bathroom floor hit my head on the toliet black out .  When I came thru I hollar for my oldest son bc my husband goes to work early in the morning.  He didnt hear me.  The other three boys didnt hear me.  So I just laid there bc I couldnt get up.. Around 7 one of the little ones woke up and came try to help me. I told him I couldnt move.  He went and got my oldest son.  He couldn get me up.. It was like I was I had no legs.  Everything was painful.. They called my husband and he came home.  Finally after being in the floor from 3am till 9 I finally was up. He went and bought me a walker.  For two weeks I couldnt move hardly.  One time I got up to go to the bathroom and even with the walker fell down.  So in March I went to my doctor who sent me to a different specialist. This specialist did xrays.  Now I have three disk that has vanish and two thats slip.  SO he order a MRI, a nerve test, and for me to do P.therapy.  Only thing I have gotten is the P.therapy.  The MRI the insurance company was holding up.  The week after I went to him I went to the bathroom and stood back up once I did I heard a poping noise in my foot and the whole left side of my body went to numb.  I couldnt move.  I called to tell them and they said as soon as i get the MRI come back in.  Sense March I been trying to get this MRI.  I called the place back last week and the dude told me even if they didnt approve it this time that he would take care of it so Ill get one anyhow.  As of now Ive just gotten worst.  My back hurts, right leg is in pain all the time, right foot is numb, left leg is numb, left foot is very senstive to anything and it hurts to lay or sit.  Its very hard for me to move around in the house.  I cant hardly go nowhere with out being in pain and the walker that was only suppose to be use for a short time has became my best friend.  Im hoping the MRI will help them figure out something.  I have four kids at home with me that needs me. I stay sick all the time.  Stay tired.  Its hard to sleep.  Im very depress.  My oldest son thinks Im dying.  I just want my life back.  I keep fighting whatever this is for my kids but yet it just gets worster.  I want to give up so bad but then I look at my kids.  It seems sense Ive become so sick my husband has push hiself away from me so much. I want it all to be over with. I hate staying in the house.  I hate not being able to hardly play with my kids.  I cant hardly go outside.  I cant finish unpacking and fixing up my house.  I miss being able to cook and clean yes I said clean.  Going places everything.  I cant hardly eat without throwing up.. I hate it…………..

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