Hello folks.  Here’s the latest.  Called doctor’s office to find out about next CT Pet Scan.  I was worried about it being scheduled the week after the next chemo which would be my sick as usual week.  It won’t be till probably 2-3 weeks after chemo which is good.  Asked about my painful toes.  I can’t go to a podiatrist even if I wanted to which in case I didn’t mention it I don’t like anyone touching my feet so it would be through major desperation that I would go the a podiatrist anyway and I am to call doctor back if they get pussy or leaky which so far they aren’t thank goodness.  Solution for now Neosporin and wrap them in gauze to protect them.  Guess I will be walking real slow for quite a while.  I think I also mentioned on here how my hands feel and even my fingernails hurt.  I have to tell this to the doctor before they give the next chemo.  Looking on-line I find out that it is possible to lose your nails as a result of chemo.  More took forward to I guess. 

As for Buddy the dog, who by the way weighs in at 60 pounds and he is only 6 months old, he pulled out the plug of a running fan and chewed off the plug this morning.  Of course he got yelled at big time by the husband and the smart bugger snubbed me  I had to make up to him.  The husband had to make up to him too and making up consisted of Buddy eating a 6″ veggie hoagie from Subway.  There was not one crumb left.  Wait till he finds out they have ones with meat. 


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