Weekend adventures

This will be the FIRST weekend I will be ALL ALONE! My partner is traveling to Dallas for Fanfest and I am looking forward to the freedom. Weve been in this apartment for 2 months, and so much has happened to test our relationship…and im just ready for a break from it all. Everything about this weekend sounds AMAZING from having the bed to myself and our dogs, to going out with old friends…getting higher than the sky and indulging in LIQUID courage. I used to think spending every second together was what i wanted…now i thank the heavens for independence😂 GOTTA ENJOY MY PROBATIONLESS LIFE before it catches up to me😂


Recently i have been feeling like Im missing out….Seeing everyone single and chillin. But you always want what you dont already have….at least i do.┬á


Gotta remind myself to value what is mine already.

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