11th (Hope Springs Eternal)

Well! I think today is going to be a good day. 

NGHI is going on, IM’s RP is being given another shot (yay!), my RP (RR) is just starting out.

Seeing as the other RPs are coming along, I have hope for mine! Even if it doesn’t work out in the end.

Also: I think I need to make an explanation.

I’m sensitive and insecure, which can be a potent combo in my case. I take small small SMALL things and blow them way out of proportion. You say, “Oh. Hey.” I think, “They hate my guts, they don’t actually want me here, what’s the point why do I even bother?”

See? I took two words and blew them out of proportion, making assumptions I shouldn’t have. I know I shouldn’t do that, but that’s just me. So, I’m sorry to anyone who gets the bad side of me when I make those assumptions, but I swear, I really do care about you. I’m just a bit distrustful of people, so I can become really angry if I make assumptions about you because I’m not sure what to think; I’m not entirely sure who you are or if you do care about me. So, just a forewarning: I’m sorry if anything I do makes you feel sad or upset. I’m making assumptions I shouldn’t. I’m sorry for that.

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