The best city to live

What city would you live if you can just pick one? I gotta say Chicago. This is not because Chicago has a beautiful skyline and lakefront or amazing deep dish pizza and hot dogs. I love Chicago because I love the people around me.

It’s funny that I actually hated Chicago before. All I wanted to do was just getting out of the brutal winter and go somewhere warm or bigger city like New York city. Chicago wasn’t a very attractive city to me until I met all these people around me. Then I started to realize that it is not really about the city itself, it’s more about the people around me make the city lovely for me.

It is very sad that I have to leave this city for my career but at the same time I am happy that I made life long friends here in Chicago and know that we will always be friends regardless of where I live.

I’m going to move to Los Angeles on June 13th and starting things again. Exciting new job and making new friends. It is actually little scary for me to start all over again but I’m much more excited to see if Los Angeles will become my next best city to live 🙂

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