Tia wakes up at 7:34am rolls over and checks her phone hoping for a good morning from her artist. With no new messages Tia rolls back over fixated on grabbing an extra five minutes of sleep before her day begins. 13 minutes later Tia’s eyes unwillingly open to the mess of vintage dresses and mismatched socks upon her bedroom floor. Once again Tia will start her day in dysfunction.

    Tia’s head is ticking stuck on repeat from the previous nights events. Tia doesn’t mind this feeling of obsession however her artist finds it quit annoying. Tia’s first thought computed is look to her artist for approval and if needed a good rewiring for the day but Tia knows this will only frustrate her artist for the artist detest being reminded of his flaws and is unable to admit Tia’s programing which he so eagerly programed him self is in fact flawed. Tia knows that for her artist to admit this would be much more effort than he would be willing to handle. Tia now gingerly removes the bolts from under her hair line and uses a halfassed effort to rewire her flaws of the morning into something a bit more desirable. After tightening her bolts with her fingers and praying they don’t fall off because she has yet again misplaced her wrench more than likely in the lack hole under her bed. Tia double checks her gears and bolts only one time because one is the perfect number.

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