Rocked my night! :D

Tonight is Emily’s belated 21st Birthday party and I had so so much fun! 😀

Recently I was going through some bad days especially for the past two weeks but tonight maybe is the best night ever to me. 

Joking with friends and meeting and interacting with people. Although I had some awkward moments at the party (especially when I saw Amanda) but at the end everything was going fine and it was pretty fun tho. Lol

These are the great and fun parts of tonight and here comes to a kinda terrible part.

After the party, me + my sis + Florence decided to go to Mamak with others because their stomachs are screaming at that moment. Lol

Again, I had some fun when I was talking to others and honestly I enjoyed myself very much tonight. (Emily even think that I’m drunk lol)

Next when we were on our way home, my sis looks like kinda unhappy (or exhausted?) and slowly I realized she is not really enjoy herself tonight, whenever she is talking to anyone. I started a small fight with her because she seems like forcing herself to do something she is not really into, which something I don’t like to do. However, I tried to put myself in her shoes. I guess what she did is quite make sense because sometimes you will try do something in order to not be a wet blanket, especially when you are hanging out with a bunch of people. On the other hand, I think one of the reasons of making her unhappy is maybe I was a social butterfly at the party and she might hate this. But there is nothing I can really do to change my characteristics tho.

There is another thing, I didn’t even thinking about him (@R) tonight, surprisingly.

Anyway, overall, tonight and the party were so great and I loved tonight. <3

Somehow I’ve learned something from this great night.

1 st, everyone deserves to be HAPPY because JOY and LAUGHTER are the only things can cure or eliminate (temporary) your negative energy.

2 nd, the only thing can control your body and your mind is yourself. In another way, you are the one who can save yourself from the dark black swirl. All decisions are in your hands. It just depends on you WANT / DON’T WANT.

3 rd, sometimes I could become a social butterfly tho and that is not totally bad for me. hehe 😛

Woohoo! Appreciate tonight! <3





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