Early writing. Post office drama. ZzZzZzZz

It’s currently 0500 and I am typing this at work so have to watch my back haha. 

My teacher for this summer class wants us to write her an email about an idea for a project. To put it in her words “Email me about an idea you have regarding a current project you are working on.”

The only project I am working on is getting through school without losing my mind. Unless she counts my fitness or garden as a project. Or maybe the endless yard work. It’s kind of an open ended instruction. Should I keep it strictly to the field I am going in? Then what project could I possibly pick from that? Maybe I am too tired to think about this right now. I’ll read it again after I wake up later today and maybe it will click better.

Oh! I had another battle with public service. Remember my issue with the board of pharmacy? Well this time it was with the post office. I’m surprised though because usually they are pretty good. I won’t go into details because its really a boring story. Basically I ordered a DNA kit from ancestry.com that should have been delivered  5-31-16. I guess our regular driver was on vacation so they had a fill in who kept getting “lost” in our area. So instead of returning our package to the post office he kept it in the car.  

So for days I couldn’t pick up my package because the damn guy never returned it and so they had nothing to give. Needless to say I was pissed because the package was $200 (two kits). The regular driver found it in the delivery car when he returned and it got delivered to us yesterday. What a mess! I still like them better than UPS. They at least tried to help and were really good at pretending to care lol. 

So all is well and I can’t wait to pinpoint what country in Africa my ancestors are from.

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