First post, Memories

The thing about the present is you never know in the moment that you’re making a memory, throughout the day we are constantly taking in surroundings, sounds, people, places. We go about our day minute by minute, hour by hour, just living in the moment and our brain chooses to sort out which moments/ memories to keep and which ones to toss away. You remember today, you remember yesterday, you remember probably a bit about the day before, but even today you likely won’t remember every detail, of every conversation, every feeling you had that particular day. The thing about making memories is, your brain chooses the moments worth remembering for you, sometimes even lets you forget about ones you wish you hadn’t when people mention old memories that they remember. To me, how people remember, and what they remember appeals as an interesting topic, I’m constantly struck with things that can bring up little Timbits (yes, I’m Canadian,) of memories, even the simplest thing like an old perfume I wore in high school, to driving past an old place I used to hang out with people. I always wonder, what memories do people have with me? Do they ever think of me randomly? What about all those friends in high school, do they ever think about our crazy memories and look back fondly? I wish that memories could be bottled up, and take over the room with just a spritz of magical potion, just so you could go back to certain times, certain places, with certain people, that you just simply enjoyed. For me I think often of a place I socialized with friends, many friends, meeting new people all the time, having fun with minimal drama, during my late teens to early twenties. People move away, friendships break, people split up, times change, and eventually certain situations cease to exist…. and then you look back on them fondly like I am doing today, reminiscing on the times that can no longer be. Its always funny when you hear someone bring up old stories, interesting to hear their side of things, how they remember certain situations. I can say for sure, that my brain has done a good job choosing which of my memories to keep and which to toss. I remember lots of great times in avid detail. 

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