I’m back!

 Hey ‘sup? You might be wondering where the hell I’ve been and why I only wrote on here a couple of times months ago… or maybe you don’t… either way, just so you know, I kept writing, I just stopped sharing my stuff publicly cause I dunno, I was going through some shit lately an I felt like people might judge me or something.. However recently I was thinking that it doesn’t make sense to me to try to explain what I feel if I can’t share my experience with others who can relate and maybe make me feel ok with everything is happening in my life… also why the hell do people write “top secret” on their diaries? I can guarantee you that if someone finds it he’s gonna read it for sure; if you really want people not to touch it you should write something like “math” on it… I know I need help

K bye

P.S. have you ever seen the bbc tv show “In the flesh”? If not, you are really missing out bro and if yes… how did you survive knowing there isn’t gonna be a third season and all your questions will never receive an answer??

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  1. LOVE the idea of writing MATH on your diary !!!!

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