Journal Entry #15 (Bob and It’s Hot As Hell in AZ)

Hello, Missy here with another entry. It’s so hard to type these things on a phone cause my brain works faster then how I type on here. I really want a laptop for my birthday.

I’m still not sure what to make this entry about. I dunno. I just want to put SOMETHING out there. Even though I’m sure only you read these Blume.

It’s hot today again, here in Arizona. My mom told me that it was going to be 110°F today and I can definently feel it.

Speaking of hot, I’m always cooped up in my room. One of the reasons is cause I’m an introvert. But the main reason is cause of…Bob. No not the “Deep Web” Bob. Bob, as in my mom’s boyfriend Bob.

My mom started dating Bob over a year ago. He was kept secret from me and my brothers for a while. I kinda understand maybe? You see, all my life it’s been my mom and dad. Then my mom split with him (I’m unsure if it’s official yet). I’ve never seen my mom in an intimate relationship before. My mom and dad weren’t intimate from what I saw. So the idea of her in love with someone was (I love you mom) kinda strange.

Bob made an appearance in me and my brothers lives seemingly outta nowhere. I forgot how but I’m pretty sure my mom told me about him. They had already been dating for months by this point. He decided to treat me and my brothers to Peter Piper’s Pizza so we could be introduced. All went well. We had never been there before (and we haven’t been since) but it’s basically Chuck E. Cheese for older kids? We had fun is my point.

Bob began showing up at our house at the time. My mom and dad’s house (my dad still lives there now). It was usually when my dad left town. Bob would help tidy up our house.

Soon Bob presented the notion of moving in with him. Yadda yadda yadda we agree yadda yadda we move in to a trailer park home after a while yadda yadda that’s where I am now.

Now, Bob was cool when we first moved in. I made efforts to talk to him, but our conversations always got a bit strange.

Bob sees me: “Hey Missy, come check this out.”

Me: “Okay.”

I go check whatever it is out. Let’s say he’s cooking taco meat.

Bob: “So I’m cooking some taco meat.”

Me: “Cool, that looks good.”

Bob: “Uh huh, I added some seasoning, some onions..”

Me not knowing to what to say: “Uh huh”

Bob: “Soon I’m gonna add some beans..”

Me not knowing what to say: “Yep…”

Now, you all may say this is my fault. That he’s trying but I’m not but I am. Or I did. It’s just so awkwardddddd

After moments like that, I learned my lesson and began to avoid him. Not actively avoid him. Like he was scum or something. No, more like if I was in the kitchen where he was, I’d say hello and leave. He began to suspect that me and Axel didn’t like him (CJ would apparently engage him in convo most of the time, though CJ told me that it usually started when Bob talked to HIM) but you see, me and Axel are more reserved where as CJ is outgoing. Everyone likes him whereas me an Axel are usually misunderstood as not liking people.

ANYWAY. This story is long and I have PLENTY more to say but I’m just gonna skip to the point because I’ll be here all day if I don’t.

Bob likes to clean. He always sees a problem with my room so my mom tells me to always keep the room door shut. That’s fine and all but the rooms don’t have A/C. We do have an A/C unit in the hallway though. This means that when I close my room door, it becomes an oven in my room. Especially on hot summer days like today. It frickin sucks cause he gets to enjoy the cool A/C air while I sit sweating like a slave, in a hot room EVERY FRICKING DAYYYY! AND THAT PISSES ME THE HELL OFF!

Now there is a grace period when I get to leave my door open so I can breathe, and that’s when he’s not at home. I swear I pray for those days everyday and I’m an atheist (Yeah I’m an atheist but I’m not an a-hole about it. I love and respect ALL [NICE] PEOPLE regardless of their religion and opinions). God when he leaves it’s like, the best. BUT I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO FEEL LIKE THAT IN MY OWN DAMN HOUSE!

And what about when he’s home all day? Well guys, I’m just screwed. I have to sit and melt like that damn wicked witch of whatever the hell!

Urghhhh…so how are you all doing today? Comment down below or whatever.

(I think I’m gonna actually start asking this on every entry now cause I’m genuinely interested in you guy’s lives :))

There’s no rest for hot people like me, so I’ve gotta go.

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  1. Missy, you are in a bad situation there. Can you clean up your room so you can have AC? It would be worth it. Or leave the door open, mess and all. It’s YOUR room. You should be able to live comfortably in it. Ask about a window unit for your room—a small one. Maybe Bob would buy it for you. I hope things get better, and I feel sure they will. Try letting Jesus into your life. He loves you even though you don’t believe in Him. He is real. He really cares. I promise. He will not crowd you. Just love you.

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