It’s so easy from where we sit to peer through the slats in the picket fences that divide us, separate us, and take in everything playing out in our neighbor’s lives. By “we” I mean everybody, literally everybody. No matter if we try not to, we can not help but make assumptions, conclusions, and judgements.

“Walk in some one else’s shoes”. It’s such a common place expression. We all know exactly what it means. We try to imagine us being different people in different situations making different outcomes.

Can you walk in the shoes of a homeless man? A pregnant teenager? A victim of domestic violence? Does our outside perspective give us some sort of superiority to handle some one else’s baggage? Not really, but then why do we bother with “Well if it was me… blah blah blah”

The point is we are all fundamentally different, but similar. Our thoughts aren’t the same. The way we process our emotions aren’t the the same. Biologically we’re the same species… but after that do to nurture and other factors we might as well separate humanity into varies groups of sub species. 

I have a slight issue with people who constantly fixate on others and judge them. “The Smiths are a great family because their front lawn is perfect and they go to church every Sunday.” “Mrs. Jones is a terrible mother because her child threw rocks at other kids in the play ground.” “I can call gay people fags because it’s an abomination against God.”

Sheesh. I could make examples all day. Hopefully you get the gist by this point. I wish I could tell you to stop making judgements about other people, especially hurtful, harmful ones. Unfortunately, I think that might be impossible. Even I can not help, but judge despite trying my hardest not to. So instead I’ll say don’t let it control you. Don’t let it be final and definitive… just try and put those stranger’s shoes on and see what happens. 

2 thoughts on “Judgement”

  1. Good thoughts. Jesus said, “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged.” It is a great freedom to let go of analyzing, judging and talking about people. Letting the mind soar to beautiful things instead.

  2. Exactly. It’s hard, almost impossible to not form an opinion about some one or something, but I think as long as your actions and words don’t reflect said opinion you are on the right path.

    Also, I love the fact that Jesus encouraged us not to judge. It’s not always about us & his views profoundly express that line that helps keep us not only peaceful, but supportive.

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