Law of Attraction does really works

I have been so unhappy for the past months at EL companies. It was tough when two of the direct bosses left the brand. My sales was stolen by counter mangers, there are social barriers with most of the PRC and others foreigners. Life was very depressing when the new field executive arrive and taking away every promises which the previous has promised me. And the worst part, you are not the new field executive favorite. 

And all these have been happening for the past 6 months. Every day I drag myself to work praying some miracle will happened today. Everyday I pray the old mangers will return and make it all sweet and happy again. I even pray the new executive will just disappear from earth.

Finally, something happened. I was accused of the stupidest topics on earth, which have no relation to work. I actually walked out of the counter before my shift ended. I had enough. 

I was miserable, anger and full of resentments of what had happened. But today I saw a new light! I never liked working with those people. I never liked to be tied up by some crazy micromanage executives. I never liked have a leash on my neck. I had been so unhappy for 6 mths! Every morning when waking up, instead of smelling the fresh air and appreciating the goods, I was anger & irritated for whatever events had happened that day before. 

Now, I understand. It wasn’t abt them. It was about me feeling good once more. I am glad I walked out of the counter. I am glad I am able to breath in the sweet fresh air once again. I am so glad I need not wear that piece of uniform anymore. I am glad to roam around freely and I am glad to be reminded what is life is all about. 

Law of attraction do exist. I wished it would happened earlier and not 6 month later. But I still glad it happened. 

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