Recreational time

 Hi there,

Today is kinda relieving. I had my last submission for the semester and hurrahh I am happy, just two  more to go. 🙂

Usually I am the lazy kind but today I geared up a little and went outside to have fun. I had the best companion ( my mom) and we went for a movie then some grocery shopping from a mega-store (don’t judge me lol….yes I enjoy grocery shopping in bulk). Then came home and I watched one of my favorite movie again all by myself( I enjoy my company…trust me I am great fun to me…and yes I talk insanely sane sometimes :p). It was a great day and I have plans for tomorrow, one of which is to get up early for which I must sleep early. Its 10.11 for me…planning to dose of by 10.30 so as to wake up at 5 (mornings and I were never at good terms , lets see if something works out here ).

Good night beautiful people of the beautiful world.


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