What Is The Most Important In a Relationship?

What is the most important in a relationship???

 A – Sex

B – Love

C – Time

D – Trust

E – Respect

I was going to say trust because it’s a huge thing but time I think is the right answer because when you spend time with someone every day you create a bond and it’s inter mate and it creates trust and love grows out of that trust.

It usually starts with sex and trust is built with time and it eventually cultivates into love. All four at equally important and required for healthy relationships.

It depends on the age. But the sex has to be good or it will never last. I know people don’t want to believe that but it’s the truth. Anything else is just not being willing to face the truth. 90% of women initiate divorce and most of the time it is because the sex was not good enough. Just saying.

Time will tell all but you have to have trust in a relationship and when you love someone then sex will happen, everything else there after.

Time…the more time that you are spending with each other; the less you have to worry about anything else…the trust issue will be dead! Lots of people saying trust. Wonder how many would let their significant other have their phone this very second. 

There’s no such thing as a relationship, you  get cheated on multiple times…many times. Until you learn to trust men again. Time builds love, love builds trust, sex is better with someone you love and trust. Trust is more important important, without that you have nothing.

Two days world it’s sex will make you love what and how she or he makes you feel you will love what to are experiencing with that person you will learn to trust what you both feel and so on.  If you don’t solidify trust…Then there is zero reason to indulge in the rest…

Trust and then respect and the sex will come naturally and be amazing. You can’t have a relationship if you don’t trust who you’re with.

Trust is the one thing you really need and sex is always great. Love because with love comes trust, your time and meaningful sex. All of the above, because if you choose any one item there is no relationship to be had! But if you have true love, all the rest fall into place. Sex has it’s own place. Love is nothing but a word. Time will make up your own. Trust is it related to the truth?

You need all these to have a good relationship. You deserve sex, love, time and trust and respect because you can’t choose just one with the others.  Is being single included in the choices? It costs nothing to have love and trust in your life. But you also deserve time and sex with the one you love or the person you’re sharing your life with. All people should have respect for each other because you and the person your with doesn’t know or how to show that they love and adore you by not respecting you.

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