13th (One Final Chance)

I promised someone I’d give RPR another chance.

What I didn’t do was specify how many chances I’d be giving. I’m sorry, Imt, but I can’t continue to give myself hope that it will be better when it’s always the same. I have to put a number on this all, otherwise I’ll be just condemning myself to torture. And that number?


One more chance to impress me, one more chance to make me feel like I belong, one more chance to be convinced I belong there and that I won’t feel alone, burdened, terrible if I stay.

It’s already started, you know. The countdown. I’m giving RPR, specifically GHI, three days to impress me. They have until Wednesday.

If I decide to stay? I’ll talk in chat, I’ll do whatever, I’ll RP, I’ll make jokes and never shut up in chat. It will be like nothing ever happened.

But if I don’t? 

Well. I’ll continue to RP, but I’ll never speak in chat again. Won’t say a word. RP makes me comfortable, makes me happy. The chat room? It makes me feel alone.

Three days.

Let’s see what happens.



Sorry, but already I’m debating on leaving. The odds of me staying in chat at the end of these three days right now are null, considering what’s going on. Too much stress for me. Unless some miracle happens in the next three days, Val is gone for good.

I’m sorry, y’all. But I can’t handle this anymore. 


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