All About Me!!!


My name is Sacha. This is my first time doing a blog or online journal, whatever you want to call it. I was born in Mauritius where I was adopted by my wonderful (sometimes!) parents and have grown up in London every since. I am one of five and I live with the struggle of having to live up to the your older siblings to be the best. Everyone has ups and downs in there family and don’t get me wrong I don’t think my problems are more important. But, please do excuse my rants about my life issues sometimes…..

I am 19 years old (turn 20 in August :D). I am about to start my second year of university in September at Bucks New University in Buckinghamshire/High Wycombe. I study Event and Festival Management where I hopefully will specialise in wedding planning. My dream is to open a wedding planning company as I love helping and being a part of the most special day of anyone’s life. 

I am currently in America, San Diego as it is summer holidays visiting my brother and his wife and you will hear about my adventures and discoveries.

This online journal is a place for me to express all my feelings and thoughts and hopefully you readers will find common ground with what I express and we could all help each other out. So I hope you enjoy reading about my life and some of my “problems” haha.

Speak soon 😀


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