Back from Camp

The boys had a great time at camp, thank the Lord.  Today we celebrated Jacob’s 14th birthday, all adult family members.  All was going great until Jacob was stung on the forehead by a wasp.  He turned red and broke out in hives.  It was very scary.  His Dad, a doctor, was at the party and called in a script for him.  Tonight he is asleep peacefully, hives gone, no more throwing up.  What an end to his party!  Bless him.  I am still trying to get word out about my book, THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH.  Everyone who has read it loved it.  Even total strangers wrote to tell me.  It is about finding rest in Jesus’ tender love.  Believing not just in Jesus, but in His LOVE for you and me.  Please try to read it.  It’s available at and Barnes and Noble.  Thank you so much!  If you do read it, let me know what you think! (smile) It’s a short book and easy and enjoyable to read.  Thanks.  If you try Amazon, type in books, then type in THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH by Lynn Roberson.  It will come up.  You can read the reviews.

One thought on “Back from Camp”

  1. Sweetie I will order it next pay day I promise! Ah and yes HIS LOVE FOR US that is the true message, the gospel of the good news! I will let you know when I read it.
    Glad all ended well, gracious though an allergy and he gets stung! Glad they enjoyed their time at camp.

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