Behind Closed Doors

Behind closed doors,
we’re a mess.
People don’t know.
We do our best.

Behind closed doors,
Daddy is drunk again.
Crying into bottles,
Missing his dead best friend.

Behind closed doors,
Mommy is crying alone.
She no longer loves her husband.
But she’s too scared to leave home.

Behind closed doors
Brother is slowly moving out.
He’s always so mean and angry.
I hate it when he shouts.

Behind closed doors,
I cry to my sister at night.
She moved away a while ago.
She helps me through the fights.

Behind closed doors,
Daddy loses Mommy one last time.
But I’m in my window,
Praying everything will be fine.

Mommy and Daddy are screaming so much.
I’m scared Daddy’s going to hurt mommy.
I’m ready to run to the neighbors for help.
But fear has frozen me.

The yelling finally dies down
And I finally crawl back inside.
But I sneak into me little closet,
Cut myself and cried.

Daddy yells out my name.
I watch him while he cries.
He tells me how much he loves me
Behind red, glossy eyes.

Mommy leaves in the morning.
Brother leaves for days on end.
Daddy stays drunk.
My razor blade becomes my friend.

Sister says she’s going to come get me.
That I’m going to live with her in Missouri.
But I know that will never happen.
That it’ll just be daddy and me.

My innocence fades away.
The blood begins to pour.
I lost my happiness
Behind closed doors.

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