My life is about to change soon. I am excited but nervous. I have been living in my town for most of my life, and now depending on Monday’s outcome I could be moving to a different state for a job. My current boyfriend is from my town but now lives in this state that I could possibly move to. I am so excited for this new adventure but I also will have something I will have to leave behind forever. Someone actually. I fell in love with this person after he persisted in my attention But I knew this relationship was doomed from the start. He doesn’t have the best past and my family would never approve. Maybe that is what attracted me from the start. We had this passionate love but in a way it was also toxic. We couldn’t trust each other, maybe from our own past relationships. In the end he did something that could not be forgotten and from there we could not get past the damage that was done. We went our separate ways in a way but coming from the same small town that was impossible. He always had a way to come back right when I was about to move on. I don’t know if its been love or lust but we have never been able to keep away from each other no matter our relationship statuses Until my current boyfriend came along. He showed me what it was to have a good relationship where I didn’t have to worry about getting hurt. I fell in love with him. I know being with him would be good for me. However the person back home has never ceased to stop trying to get me. It’s been three years and he still wants me back, tells me he loves me, and says he cant let me go. I know throwing my current relationship away will change my life and the comfortable lifestyle I want to live and perhaps I am only thinking about my past guy because I’m thinking of what could of been… It is strange to think that when I move I will be ending any chance or relationship with my past. Outwardly I have been denying him but inside I knew I still could have him if I wanted. He was always in my back pocket. I don’t know if I want to let him go…

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  1. You said your current boyfriend has shown you that you can be in a relationship without getting hurt. Girl, that is so rare! Don’t throw your life away on the toxic relationship. let it go, once and for all. That’s my advice, a little blunt I’m afraid. But I’m excited to think you could have a safe and happy relationship! Don’t let it pass you by, please!

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