Day 100 – Busy day

Sunday, June 5th 2016

Today was a very busy day!

I started off by going to church and I was happy I went, cause I haven’t been going for a while. Our pastor told us a story about Christian schools in another country where the staff is very unfair and beats up the students (that sounded like very bad English, sorry if I wrote that wrong). One day a woman got a job there, until she realized what was going on, sent a message back to where she came from, but ended up being put in an asylum for it after the school’s staff lied about her character. The message was that we often turn a blind eye to something when we think there’s no way we can win and that we should acknowledge the problem. There’s a man that was once a student in the school that’s firing a lawsuit against the man that beat him up in the school. Apparently it’s current. I should look that up.

Other than that, I went to my grandmother’s house for my mom’s birthday! I had my family there, plus a couple of my grandmother’s friends from Florida (I swear, one of them looks a lot like Alan Rickman. I was very confused at first) and my second grandmother’s friend. My brother and I talked, I played with my grandmother’s cat (who’s afraid like her dog) and our cousins and I played on the PlayStation for a while. The food was good and my mother really liked the necklace I gave her. My dad said that’s what she wanted, so I got it for her and she was really happy when she got it.

After that, I went home and started watching Spirited Away after seeing a theory (that’s actually true) by TheAnimeMan. I decided I should watch the movie first after hearing so many good things about it. It is really good. Studio Gibli has good stories and I should check out more of their movies or shows if they have any. Well, because of Spirited Away, I forgot to write this entry and wrote it tomorrow.

That’s all for today.

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