Going to the Brecker’s

Ugh. Today I have to go babysit two little boys for two hours and I am not excited. I am always worried that they will get hurt, because they are little boys, and of course want to wreck things and punch each other. When they cry, I seriously cannot do anything.  I do not want them to get hurt either. However, I need $16 because I spent it yesterday at The Devon Horse Show. I have also made three bracelets: one fell off last night at a sick bat mitzvah at Get Air; one broke, so I tied it to my trunk; and I am in the process of a really cool rainbow zig zag one. Tomorrow, my floss bobbins are arriving! I can’t wait to spend all of Tuesday wrapping my string around them. I have so much string! I can’t wait for camp either :). Yesterday my friend Georgia and I prank called one of my “friends” named Anna, and she didn’t pick up. Then, I got a text from her saying, “Can you guys stop prank calling me?”. Anna is really annoying these days. Anyway, yesterday my sister went to a party at her billionaire friend’s house, and brought back a bag of candy. She brought me a giant kitkat! I ate fried oreos at the Devon Horse Show, and I basically died. I went with my friend Madison, who has also gotten pretty boring these days. We got bored instantly, and I spent a lot of my own money on stupid stuff. The fried oreos were really good, though. I don’t have school for the next 3 days, because teacher have to grade our exams. Speaking of exams, I am pretty nervous to get mine back. Science, I think I did well; English, I think I did reasonable; Math, I think I did awful; Spanish, I think I did WONDERFUL!

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