June 5th

Last night’s cookout was a success.  It rained, of course, but we managed.  You should have seen it:  my mother, my fiance, and I all huddled under a tent and an umbrella trying to prepare food as it poured.  I was scooping out the baked potatoes to mash their insides, add butter, sour cream, seasonings, and cheese, before filling them back with that and baking them when it started to come down hard.  My fiance and I scrambled to get everything to safety.  We ran under the little tent we had set up, but even in there we were getting soaked.  But it was alright.  I’m glad to say everything was just fine.  

Ma cooked burgers, and I did chicken.  The first of which was a thick chicken breast, a barbecue chicken rubbed with my own special seasoning and coated well with barbecue sauce, cooked over medium heat and smoked for about 20 minutes, turning three times and reglazing for a nice bark.  The grill marks were insane, and the taste was heavenly (or, so I’m told.  I don’t eat chicken.)  The second of which was the little pineapple salsa tenders I had been working on.  The marinade set up overnight, and the chicken took a bath in it for about four or five hours before I grilled them on medium high.  They were so tender already from the marinated that they started to fall apart before I could even grill them.  I reserved some of the marinating liquid, thickened it up with brown sugar and honey, and gently coated each tender until they, too, had a decent bark on them.  Everyone was really timid about trying them.  They were a little green from all the herbs and whatnot, so people were a little hesitant.  Each person in my family (I have a big family.  I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters) grabbed just one little tender each to start with.  And then, everyone came running back to the grill table to get more.  People were absolutely over the moon about it.  They said the chicken was moist and tender and so perfectly seasoned.  I don’t think I could have been anymore pleased with that recipe, one of which I just came up with off the top of my head.

It rained on and off, but we didn’t even care.  The food was so good.  I’m not sure if the food was so good that we couldn’t wait, if the rain just put us off our game, if we were just too tired, or what, but we somehow forgot to take pictures of the food.  All’s well, though.  My family loved the chicken so much they are insisting we do it again sometime soon.  I’ll be sure to take pictures then.

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