People would say my life is glamorous and amazing. However, I would say it is has its glamorous moments but it also has its horrible moments. So, I haven’t really spoken about my life to many people really because I do not really like to talk about my problems that I have encountered. But those who do know everything are those that I cherish and I know that they are like family.

Here it goes………

So when I was about 10 or 11 I found out that I was adopted. For most people this could have been the best day of their lives as they found those whom loved them to most. For me it was a completely different story. I found out on Easter Day when my parents had a fight and my mum kicked him out. I had friends over and my mum called me in and I automatically thought I was in trouble. Anyways, she started off saying “Sacha you know how much I love you right?” That automatically broke me. She then broke the news and at first I didn’t really know how to react but then came the worst year of my life. 

I don’t know why I reacted so badly but I think it was the thought of my birth parents not wanting me! So that year I tried to cope with it in my own little bubble but things didm;t really work that way. I think it got to me to a point that I tried to take my life twice but I realised that by taking my life it wouldn’t accomplish anything. It would just mean I let my emotions get a better of me. My older brother really helped me through this rough patch he was there for me whenever I needed him even if it was a 3 in the morning.  

The way I got through it was having such good friends around me making sure everything was okay and being with me even when I didn’t want to be around them but knowing they were just there really helped. However, they didn’t know how I was feeling because they didn’t know how it felt to be adopted and neither did my family so that is where the bashing of heads occurred, because they thought I was just wanting attention. This was not the case!!

So after my family realised that they would never know how I feel it really brought us closer and I have never been closer to my family to an extent as there are always arguments in families. So, what I am trying to say is that even if you are going through a tough time and others around you do not know what you are going through do not shut them out. I did that and it didn’t accomplish anything. Let them in and let them help you. You may be like me and not like to talk about your problems or yourself but once you get it out there it is like a massive weight taken off your shoulders. If you do not want to talk to anyone about it then do what I am doing and write it down. Once it is out of your head it is less pressure and stress.


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